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Togliatti is a industrial sity. There is a VAZ (Lada cars manufacture) and a lot of chemical works. In Togliatti there are very beautiful places, where amazing people – paragliding pilots like to fly. Paragliding pilots live in the sky, they make many flights. They soar like birds or do motor flights. Pilots share the sky with everyone. They can do tandem flights (with instructor) or make air photos. The WEB site is for pilots and about pilots.







Pilots maintain ecological festival in Togliatti
Team pilots Togliatti Fly Team participated in the first ecological festival in Togliatti - Eco Picnic. June 11th on the Grand Lake in t... read more
International Forum "Togliatti - a city of the future" and togliatti Fly team
14-15 November 2013 in Tolyatti international forum "Tolyatti city of the future." The company introduced the public Alprom team Togliatti F... read more



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Комса 16.09.2012
Комса 16.09.2012
Комса 16.09.2012

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